Connect any of your consumer touchpoints with the official WhatsApp Business API for personalized contextual conversations

Building on a 6 year+ DNA in Marketing Automation, MessagePipe is the Berlin based Verified Channel Partner for the official WhatsApp Business API. 

MessagePipe Products

Connecting both MessagePipe products is a complete plug and play toolbox that empowers a vast number of possible use cases on the official WhatsApp API.

Dynamic Entry Point & Journey Management” connects any consumer touchpoint (Web, App, Media, Instore, Print & TV) dynamically with WhatsApp, by collecting and providing contextual metadata.

Conversational Inbox” 

facilitates personalized and automated conversations. Manage your personalized conversations with our smart inbox by attaching user profiles and other content databases to easily add content to chats.


Build smart journeys across multiple entry points with MessagePipe leveraging behavioral and contextual data to deliver a personalized customer experience via Messenger.

MessagePipe UseCases


From “Push to Pull” - MessagePipe enables brands to automatically react on user requests and delivering instant value for the brand and its users.


Build forms with MessagePipe to automate data collection and transfer the data e.g. in your existing CRM database to enrich user profiles.

We combine our Marketing Automation DNA with the amazing capabilities of the WhatsApp’s Business API:

WhatsApp Business API

Add the WhatsApp channel to your business and build smart journeys for personalized conversations with your users.

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